Leadership a la chinois!

Yesterday I started reading „中国式领导“ („Chinese-Style Leadership“) by Ceng Shiqiang. (Beijing University Press, 2005). It is quite an interesting read and I have to share some of his pearls of withdom with you. Some of these pearls are very entertaining (at least for students of chinese studies) as well as interesting (for everybody else).

In the first chapter Ceng constructs a three-tier organisation system which looks like this:
Top tier: Leadership (高层领导),middle tier: Management (中层管理),Basic tier: Production (基层作业). The first tier has to do most of the thinking (day and nigth!), the managemnt only thinks throughout the working hours and the last tier works on weekdays (afterwards they have a drink and go to bed). This he argues is different to the western management system which only consist of the latter two.
The other important difference is (listen well SPD) that the western system (or management objective) is centered around materials (or materialistic, 事为中心) and the chinese system is centered around the human being (人为中心).

A las here we go:
„这是西方人一辈子也不能了解的事情, 因为他们依照制度管理一切很简单, 但是中国社会却很复杂的社会。“
Roughly translated: „This is something western people will never (in their lifetime) understand, because they they presume the management system is very simple, but the chinese society is indeed a very complicated society.“

I’ll probably give you some more of interesting quotes from this book within the next few weeks. As I said before an interesting read, because in times of globalisation and internationalisation China (as well as other countries) try to find things that are particular to their nation, e.g. to foster their identity as a nation. (Just think about „Socialism with Chinese Charateristics“)
So I’ll cary on exploring Leadership a la chinois…

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