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昨天德国科教部(BMBF)宣布“科学之家”比赛的获胜者名单。 这是个奖赏应该帮助德国人文科学系发展新的观念与支援有趣的项目。其中最重要的标准是参与项目应该包括研究所,学生和公众 ,其目是为了促进大家的积极合作。 我们海德保中文系校友网的“校园联系部”参加了“科学之家“比塞。。。我们赢了!您在这里会找到更多的信息


Yesterday was a grand day for SHAN as well as the Institute of Chinese Studies at the University of Heidelberg. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research announced the winners of the „Haus der Wissenschaften“ competition and our „Schulteam“ won with their project „Far East so close“. The project, which already started at two schools, in Bensheim and Mosbach, tries to establish chinese language and history as part of the usual curriculum at high-schools (Gymnasien) in Heidelberg and the Rhein-Neckar-Triangle. And what can you say, I am very proud of their accomplishments and convinced that they now have a very good chance of pursuing this goal.

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